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They consider that bound staff deserve toretire and get hold of a pension at an in advance age. Do you settle or disagree?Which kinds of employees do you think ought to advantage from early retirement?Please I want assist in the Skelton of this query . can I write the first main paragraph approximately why early retirement is bigoted for everyone and mention both those who are able to work after 65 and those that are unable to work after 65 ,then in the second main paragraph I talk approximately variety of employees who deserve early retirementIs communicating about americans who can work after 65 is wrong during this case?Mr noura,I think it’s far better let alone the element age for your essay. As your knowing,I believe you’ll take a powerful opinion. Introduction´╝Üparaphrase the topic+ your opinionNowadays,increasingly americans consciousness on the retirement. I completely agree it is arbitrary to set a retiretent age for all kinds of staff,and a few certain career should retire at an earlier age.